Anouk Bongers liep stage bij Studio Xplo in Tilburg

‘I interned with Jofke in 2010, feels like yesterday & a complete lifetime ago at the same time!
After catching up with her when I got home, she told me all about her newest venture; De Taktila Methode.

As an artist she specialises in making art accesible for blind and visually impaired people. She’s organised expositions made up of feel-able, hear-able, smell-able as well as see-able art. Now her newest project Taktila is based on the idea that colours would have a texture counterpart. Much like how braille translates flat writing into feelable text. It’s crazy interesting and completely inspiring*!

So we decided that I’d stay over for a couple of nights to minimise the travel costs and help out as a volunteer for this project for a couple of days!
She has so much energy, and has such a beautiful look on life, the strength with which she realises her goals -after firstly figuring out what exactly she wants- is empowering!

We have such different lifestyles, but are both very succesfull in the areas we directed our energies at. And it’s beautiful to talk to someone with such a likeminded spirit!
Thank you so much Jofke for this week; for your inspiration, care, beautiful food, love, understanding, boundless energy, joy & openness.
I had a splendid time!
*If you want to know more about this, simply google Taktila!’


Anouk Bongers

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